Perfect Score

SAT Yourself Down For This Funny Heist

Main Cast: Chris Evans, Erika Christensen, Bryan Greenberg, Scarlett Johansson

Director: Brian Robbins

Perfect ScoreAn amusing and entertaining little film about how the SAT scores have taken over the lives of high-school seniors and threaten their plans for a wonderful college experience. Not to mention a successful future. The plot? Well, Kyle (Evans) didn’t do as well as he needed to get into Cornell, his university of choice (his… only choice). Along with his friend Matt (Greenberg), who needs to get into a certain college to be with his girlfriend, Kyle decides to steal the SAT master template. It won’t be easy, so they try to interest Francesca (Johansson), a 21st-century hippie whose father works in the building they wish to burgle. Along the way they pick up a few others who have their own reasons for achieving the perfect SAT score.

Of course this movie isn’t all about the heist, amusing and detailed as the scheme may be. It’s about bonding and good, old fashioned boy-girl relationships. Also numerous lessons about life, work, and how plans must be changed due to whims of fate and circumstance. It takes a few sly swipes at our society and the quest for SAT supremacy, but the barbs are mild. The plot moves along briskly.

Not a bad film, amusing and funny in places. The actors bring energy to their roles, which always helps. Now go out there and get 1600.

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