Open Water


Cut and Dried

Main Cast: Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis, Saul Stein, Estelle Lau

Director: Chris Kentis

It probably wouldn’t do for me to simply say “They went out to sea, got left behind, swam around, and then got et.” But I’m afraid that pretty much sums up the plot of this rather tepid disaster tale. Our two main characters are ordinary folks who go on vacation and decide to go out scuba diving. Their fun comes to an end when the incompetent crew of the ship leaves them behind in the middle of… well, open water.

I did like the two main characters, and that’s good because they are the movie, much like Tom Hanks took center stage in Cast Away. Unfortunately, they don’t have an island to take shelter on, nor the inestimateable wisdom of Wilson. No, they are stuck swimming in water… and sharks begin to circle in a curious manner. The conversation between our heroes is witty and appropriate, considering the situation, and very much rings true to life. There are a few surprising moments and clever use of time and location, but there is only so much you can do with two people and vast expanses of empty ocean.

I can’t really say you should see this in the theater. Wait for the DVD and watch it at home as background noise while doing other things. It’s not a horrible movie, just a light one. 2 stars.

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