And Eddie Murphy is……..OUT!

I can’t keep up with these people.

Honestly.  I was just coming around to the idea of Eddie Murphy as Oscar host.  Initially, I was firmly opposed to the choice.  But then I was seeing the previews for Tower Heist, thinking that it looked like the old Eddie might be back on

Photo of Eddie Murphy

Eddie's happy! I'm sad.

form.  A little less of the Daddy Day Care Eddie.  A little more of the Delirious Eddie.  I was starting to look forward to Oscar night, anticipating the possibility of some upheaval in the status quo.

Then Brett Ratner had to open his mouth.  Now really, I have nothing against the man or his work but how stupid do you have to be to throw around incendiary words and graphic tales of your sexual exploits while promoting your movie?  And how much more exponentially stupid do you have to be to do so 3 months before you’re scheduled to produce the Academy Awards telecast?  I’ll tell you – really freaking stupid.

So Ratner stuck both feet in his mouth, promptly apologized, withdrew as Oscar producer and Murphy followed.  Now they have no producer and no host.  Terrific!

Photo of Brett Ratner

Think before speak, Brett.

Let’s see what they can put together on the fly to entertain the 50 billion (fine, that’s probably an exaggeration – I don’t know, I made it up) people who are going to watch and critique every moment of the show!  Awesome.

Actually, even though it’s too bad that we won’t see Eddie have a chance to show his stuff, it’s kind of exciting.  What ARE they going to do?  The Academy must be a giant ball of bundled undies right about now.  If there’s anything they have historically not liked, it’s unexpected complications.  They like control.  They like familiarity.  They like their comfort zone.   In searching for a way to draw more viewers to the broadcast they inadvertently set themselves up for the sort of last minute chaos that must make their  sphincters clench.

So maybe this isn’t such a bad thing – maybe we’ll see some real spontaneity at this years Oscar broadcast.  Wouldn’t that be a rare and wonderful thing?!?  Or terrible?  Who knows, but I’ll definitely be watching.

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