Mothman Prophecies


Don’t Fly Close To That Light…

Main Cast: Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Will Patton, Debra Messing

Director: Mark Pellington

A very well done but ultimately silly horror tale of the supernatural, where some type of “entity” is trying to, well, do something, I suppose, although whether it is a warning or simply some type of sick trick is never made clear.

John Klein (Gere) is a Washington Post reporter happily married, so much so that when he and his wife Mary (Messing) check out a potential new home they “do it” right there in the closet, with the real estate man still in the house. Improbable, but at least it gives the guy something to talk about back at the office. Well, something happens and John is introduced to the supernatural, some type of moth image or bright light.

He ends up in the small town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He didn’t drive there. He thinks. But when he knocks on a door, a man (Patton) tells him that he’s been coming around the past three nights and he (the man) is kinda freaked. The police are called, and John meets Sergeant Connie Parker (Linney), who is a cool and calming influence here, and throughout the movie. John learns that some strange things have been happening in the little town, and his reporting instincts are awakened.

Everything else moves along briskly, with the supernatural “thing” sending warning through phones and other small ways. It is nicely done, nothing over emphasized, so in that sense it’s not a bad tale at all. A fairly slow but pretty good tale of disaster and horror, unleashed in a small town, with a few good souls able to do the good thing in the end.

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