Helen Mirren: Action Hero

The Queen is The Bomb

Has anyone else noticed that Helen Mirren has gone significantly badass lately?  The Oscar winning channeler of Queen Elizabeth has gone rogue, donning combat boots and toting sniper rifles.

I love it.

I last saw her in RED – kicking ass and taking names while remaining regal and terrifically proper.  She looked like she

Helen Mirren is one classy Dame

was having a blast.  In August we’re going to see her in another role as an assassin, this time without the tongue in cheek whimsy of her outing with Bruce Willis.

Directed by John Madden, The Debt follows a group of Mossad agents, all heroes in their country, across a span of 30 years.  We open in 1997 when they get some disturbing information on their icon status-creating mission back in 1966 – perhaps the tracking and capture of a known Nazi war criminal was more complicated than they knew.

That’s a cryptic poster

Mirren is joined by Tom Wilkinson and Ciaran Hinds as the 1997 agents.  We also flash back to 1966 where the three are played by Jessica Chastain, Marton Csokas and Sam Worthington.

Chastain has a good look for a young Mirren, the men…not so much.  It isn’t as if we’re going from childhood to adulthood here, where almost anything goes (in Hollywood) as far as changes in appearance.  Worthington and Csokas simply look nothing like their older counterparts except in basic coloring.  I feel dubiousness creeping in…

But lets face it. Mirren, no matter if she’s 30 or 150, is a stone cold fox who can own any role she pleases.  It’s going to be Chastain who has the difficult job of matching her abilities.  Being pretty is one thing, being Helen Mirren quite another.  I look forward to seeing her try.

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