Ten Little FBI

Main Cast: LL Cool J, Kathryn Morris, Jonny Lee Miller, Clifton Collins Jr.

Director: Renny Harlin

Yeah, okay. I read Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians when I was younger. Not bad as these things go, even if a bit farfetched. Unbelievable, even. What killer goes to all this trouble in real life? Not many.

Oh, well. Here we go: we have a bunch of FBI profilers in training, hoping to be admitted to the program. Their mentor (Val Kilmer) isn’t impressed and sends them off to a training island, presumably to solve a murder and show him just who has what it takes to be part of the team. The training murder starts off with a seeming accident, but then people start dying. A killer is among them!

I was going to list all the characters but I won’t bother. They are one-dimensional and have one trait (the wheelchair guy with a gun, the lady who has quit smoking, the strong leader), and we know they are going to get the axe, one by one. And how they die… well, I would say that the killer really should be put in charge of the government. Someone that clever has missed their true calling.

This was sort-of okay, I guess. It had its moments, and a few of the characters were sympathetic. A good popcorn-night movie to enjoy among friends.

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