Jackass: The Movie

The Title Says It All

Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Steve-O

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Plot Summary: A group of young men perform a series of stunts and comedic riffs all around the United States and Japan.

There are certain movies that are exactly what you expect them to be. The most recent is Snakes on a Plane: Samuel L. Jackson battling snakes on a plane. This movie is in the same mold and, incredibly, is even lower on the intelligence scale.

Of course, those that watch the MTV show don’t expect anything other than these young guys doing stupid things in a funny way (or mostly funny). The movie doesn’t rise above this expectation, nor lower beneath it. It provides exactly what has been advertised. In a way this is refreshing, as many if not most ads today are more than a little mendacious in what they promise. It’s nice to find something simple, straightforward, and clear.

But is it good? Well, that depends. It depends on what mood you are going into this. It also depends on your personality. If you believe you can sit through about an hour and a half watching young men do dumb things, such as drive golf carts through miniature golf courses and crash them, or rent a car and crash it up, or tease alligators, then this movie is the best out there in offering that.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, then stay away. There isn’t anything else here. That’s not to say it’s bad… the editing is good, directing solid, and acting about what you would expect. But it isn’t Shakespeare, not by a long shot. But it never tries to be.

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