Incident at Loch Ness

Whoa, Nessie!

Main Cast: Werner Herzog, Gabriel Beristain, Kitana Baker, Russ Williams

Director: Zak Penn

This modest like mockumentory follows the filming of a fictional- I think- movie about the Loch Ness monster. Much of this is played out tongue in cheek, but with an aura of complete conviction. It seemed real, and I can well imagine something like this happening in real life. Without the actual monster, of course. Although who is the monster here?

Anyway, we have a famous director named Herzog (who really is famous), a German of some repute who is eccentric and enjoys independent filming best. He is approached by a producer who wishes to finance his new film: searching for the Loch Ness monster. Almost immediately, I think, there is a disconnect. The director is filming the search itself while the producer wants results (or at least return on investment).

The producer is a bit slimy, although that is hardly abnormal in Hollywood. He hires a beautiful model to run the- heh- sonar equipment, not informing the director. And the monster expert is way more than he seems, which is a goofy paranormal character indeed.

They all get out onto the Loch, of course, and things start to unravel. There is even an attack by- well something- but is it the monster? Who knows. By then things are completely out of hand.

This modest little feature is a step up in budget from The Wicksboro Incident, but they both share the same roots. Poking fun at a number of things, they slyly grin at us from behind deadpan deliveries. Cute, and pretty fun to watch.

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