Hunt for Red October, The

A Beautiful Hunt

Main Cast: Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones

Director: John McTiernan

One of the more successful transitions from Tom Clancy’s book to screen, this taunt action/drama details the tensions between the now defunct USSR and the US in the ’80s.

The super-secret new submarine Red October pulls out of its holding bay on a shake-down cruise under the command of the USSR’s most decorated sailor, Captain Marko Ramius (Connery). It has a new propulsion system that renders it practically invisible under water, graphically displayed when it eludes a US sub on patrol. But Captain Ramius has his own agenda, which may alter the course of history itself.

News of the sub is brought to the attention of the CIA and Jack Ryan (Baldwin), an ace analyst and theorist. He works for Admiral Greer (Jones), and soon they are trying to figure out what happened to the Red October and get into the mind of Ramius. Ryan has a theory, but can he convince his superiors?

The rest of the movie details the search for the sub by both nations, the escalating tensions between them, and Ramius’s attempts to evade everyone. Exciting and very believable, the plot is pared down from the book and plays very well. This sub chase movie is a must for all lovers of the genre, plus action and drama buffs alike.

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