Hoarding: Buried Alive – It’s Back!

I was starting to have hoarding DTs…


Just when I had all but given up hope, it’s back.  Ever since the end of the Hoarders season I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for Hoarding: Buried Alive to step up and fill the hoarding void in my reality TV viewing.  But it just wasn’t coming!  I had a sinking feeling that it might be gone forever.


But no!  It’s back!  In fact, my DVR tells me that it’s on Wednesday night at 9 central on TLC.  Bless you, TLC, not only for supplying me with weekly episodes of What Not to Wear, but for bringing back one of the best of the hoarding reality shows.  Hoarders may have my heart, but Hoarding: Buried Alive has a lot of merits and is well worthy of filling in while Hoarders is on vacation.


It’s very difficult to tell from the TLC website, but my DVR says that there are new episodes airing both this Wednesday and next -this week’s entitled “Nowhere Near Normal”.   Not only that, but it appears that there’s a Hoarding: Buried Alive marathon on all day Wednesday!  So you can catch up on a bunch or episodes from last season before cracking open a new one.


Enjoy, my hoarding aficionado friends, enjoy!

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