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Arranged Marriage Rom/Com

I’m not kidding.  I wish I was.

I admit that I’m not a general, overall huge fan of the romantic comedy genre.  But as a girl I seem genetically predisposed to wanting to see them, at least on occasion.  I could be wrong (trust me, it happens more than I’d like to admit) but I’m thinking that When Harry Tries to Marry is going to be a stretch for even hard core rom/com junkies when it opens on April 22nd.

The basic premise is that Harry is a young Indian man living in the US.  Disillusioned with the notion of marriage for love he decides to pursue a traditional arranged marriage.  Things do not go quite as planned and he ends up with feelings for an American woman in addition to his arranged intended.  Hijinks ensue.

Oh, this sounds so bad.  Starring Rahul Raj, Freishia Bomanbehram and Stefanie Estes and directed by Nayan Padrai, When Harry Tries to Marry looks like it contains every word out romantic comedy cliche in the book.  Why must we be tortured with the same tired plot over and over and over and over?  The “arranged marriage” thing is, I suppose, some small attempt at novelty, but it’s really just the same old thing – relationship begins, one member of couple becomes interested in someone else, movie tries to be funny about it, cute couple ends up together.  Bleh.  At least the boy is cute.

But hey – who am I to say what you might like?  Maybe there’s something new and different and wonderful that I’m missing.

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