Rooting for Colin and the King

Late to the party, but an enthusiastic guest…

Fine, so I may be the last person on Earth to see The King’s Speech.  I’m okay with that.  I’m just glad I managed to see it before the Oscar broadcast – this is a movie really worth rooting for.

Historical drama has never really been my favorite genre, but I’ve been watching quite a lot of it lately (Skin, Glorious 39) and enjoying it.  The King’s Speech takes it all to a new level and a commanding performance by Colin Firth is what seals the deal.  He deserves that statue (he deserved it for A Single Man) and I may even shed a little tear when he takes it home.  Notice that I’m just assuming he’ll win.  I’m that much of an instant fangirl.

Until today I would have stayed firm and rooted for Inception for Best Picture, even though The Social Network and The King’s Speech are critical darlings and I loved Black Swan.  Now I’m torn!

Inception is high end entertainment, but The King’s Speech is FILM, the kind the Academy drools over.  Both are outstanding, but they’re so completely different – how to compare apples and oranges?

It’s times like this that I would love to split the Best Picture category so I could have my cake and eat it, too.  But I think that dilutes the whole proceedings so I’ll have to do my best and just root against The Social Network.  Why, you ask?  Have I seen it and not cared for it?  Why, no, I answer, I just can’t stand the thought of spending any of my time watching Jesse Eisenberg play another annoying character.  Maybe he’s a really nice guy, but seeing him on screen currently sets my teeth on edge.  He’s Michael Cera but without a trace of the sweetness that makes Cera lovable.  Or at least tolerable.

So I’ll be rooting for Colin and his King, and Natalie and her Swan.  And maybe for Inception for Best Picture, just to spread the love around.  It’s great to have a year where so much has been so good.  I will enjoy Oscar night as always – I hope you do, too.  Flannel jammies and brownies for everyone!

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