Don Cheadle Comedy?

The Guard

Okay, first off I don’t recall ever seeing Don Cheadle in a real comedy.  Sure, there’s the Oceans movies – but those aren’t true comedies.  He has some funny bits in Iron Man and Iron Man 2, but still – not true comedies.  I associate Cheadle with hardcore drama – Hotel Rwanda and The United States of Leland.

Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleason in The Guard
Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleason

But according to Sony Pictures, The Guard, opening July 29th, is a legit comedy.  Cheadle plays the straight man, of course, but it’s a comedy.  Now, take that with at least a little grain of salt.  Here’s the description straight from Sony:

“THE GUARD is a comedic fish-out-of-water tale of murder, blackmail, drug trafficking and rural police corruption.”

HAHAHAHAHA!  *Cough*  Yeah, it doesn’t sound particularly uproarious to me, either.  But…it’s a buddy movie.  So the comedy is going to be in the characters, not the situation.  Brendan Gleeson plays a goofy small town cop who is forced to deal with Cheadle’s uptight FBI agent when a big case lands on his small doorstep.  I anticipate lots of action and in unlikely friendship.

I love Don Cheadle.  And Brendan Gleeson completely stole my heart in In Bruges.  So no matter what I have come to expect from either actor, seeing them together will be a treat.  

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