Coming Soon: Channing Tatum in “Son of No One”

But do I like Channing Tatum?

Image of Son of No One Poster

I don’t know yet if I like Channing Tatum.  He has an obnoxious Hollywood name, isn’t as pretty as the world seems to think and hasn’t proven himself to me yet as an actor.  But I’m kind of bitchy, so there you go.  I’m willing to give him the chance to win me over in the upcoming The Son of No One.

The very brief synopsis of the November 4th release is that Tatum stars as a cop assigned to work in the neighborhood in which he grew up.  Secrets abound.  That doesn’t give me a lot to work with, but is sufficiently intriguing to pique my interest.

Even more interesting is the rest of the cast.  Joining Tatum are Tracy Morgan, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, Juliette Binoche and Al Pacino.  Morgan I can do without, but the others – that’s what really makes the production interesting.  Katie Holmes has been steadily growing on me now for years, to the point that I can sometimes forget that she’s Mrs. Tom Cruise.  Liotta has morphed into a decent character actor – a development of which I heartily approve.  I’ve always liked Binoche.  She was fabulous in Chocolat and it was even hard to hate her loathsome character (but I did) in Dan in Real Life.   Al Pacino, well, I can take or leave, honestly.  I’m not a devoted fan but I’m always willing to see what he might bring to a role or a movie.  Taken all together, The Son of No One looks promising. 

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