American Loser Surprise

It’s good?  Go figure.

I’ll watch almost anything.  Sure, I have my favorite genres just like everyone else, but if someone sends me something free?  You bet I’ll watch it!  Sometimes it’s horrid (I’m looking at you, Sweet Karma) but reasonably often I’m pleasantly surprised to find a movie I either never heard of or would never have picked up turning out to be engaging, interesting or otherwise worth the hour and a half spent watching.

American Loser (originally titled Trainwreck: My Life as an Idiot), a comedy/drama hybrid starring American Pie‘s Seann William Scott isn’t something I would have gone out of my way to find.  He’s not my fave, I never heard of it and well, he’s not my fave.  Yet I found the movie funny and appealing.

I’m finding more and more often that the movies I look forward to are not the ones I end up liking best.  Maybe my expectations get the better of me and I’m harder on those big budget movies with funny or touching or gripping trailers that turn out to be just average films.  It’s tough not to let the hype get your hopes up so high that no matter how well made, the movie can never equal the marketing.

In that, these little indies have the advantage of surprise.  Knowing almost nothing about the movie or the story behind it is fun – going in a blank slate and letting the movie alone influence the experience.  I’m able to allow the films to exist in their own little niches, comparing them only to others of their same genre or budget or origin.

That’s why I love rentals and streaming – I can pick out something I’ve never heard of or something totally different from my usual haunts and give it a try without spending big bucks.  I can turn things off without guilt, dabble in unfamiliar genres and find new and better ways to while away my media consumption time.  Thanks, American Loser, for another round of reasonably enjoyable Movie Roulette.  Stiffler.  Go figure.

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