12 Monkeys


Time For A Change

Main Cast: Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer

Director: Terry Gilliam

More than anything else, this is a drama. It’s about a skeptical psychologist and an angry, very frequently deranged man who also happens to be telling the truth about himself and his mission. Here is the sci-fi part: The human race is almost wiped out by a killer virus, unleashed by a group known as the 12 Monkeys. A convict named James Cole (Bruce Willis) is selected to go back in time to collect certain information. His target year is 1996. He is sent to 1990, and manages to rough up a few policemen. He’s taken to a mental hospital, where he meets Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt), intelligent but also unhinged. He is also put under the care of Kathryn Railly (Madeline Stowe), who somewhat believes him for some reason. Cole is snatched out of the hospital and placed into 1996. He meets up with the psychologist again, and with her help sets off to complete his mission.

There is much more. Cole’s dreams, the reason behind his mission, and the 12 Monkeys itself are all part of the puzzle. But it’s a good one, albeit a bit morose and somewhat muted story. Willis does a fine job in portraying a dangerously violent man trying to grapple with his almost impossible mission. The other players do quite well with their own characters. Nothing is overemphasized here.

This is a pretty good movie, taut with some action and food for thought. The ending is appropriate with consequences flowing from previous actions.

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