Sandra Bullock Exchanges A Dumbass For A Baby

Oscar winner takes the high road

It’s no secret that I really like Sandra Bullock.  I’ve already gone on record with my assertion that Jesse James is a giant dumbass for not being able to keep it in his pants while married to the actress.  She apparently agrees and has gone public with plans to divorce the D-List idiot.

Not only that, she also revealed that she has adopted a baby boy.  Her son, whose adoption she will finalize without James, has been with her for several months, protectively shielded from the pre-Oscar press frenzy and post-Oscar scandal.  She let The Blind Side have center stage and kept her personal life personal.

Bullock has now proven the lie in two common Hollywood myths.  First, that infidelity is so common that it isn’t really a marriage deal breaker.  Bullshit.  She was out of that house before the story broke.   Unlike other celebrities who seem to thrive on drawing out their drama for as long as possible (no publicity is bad publicity, right?  Wrong!), she dropped out of sight until she was ready to announce her plans.  On her terms.  In no uncertain terms.  He couldn’t keep it in his pants, he’s gone.  Yay Sandra!!

Second, that it is impossible for stars to maintain any sort of privacy.  We hear it all the time – the whining about how the paparazzi won’t leave Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears of whoever the moron of the moment might be alone and the pictures and tabloid fodder and pretty much everything else is the fault of the press.  Boo-friggin’-hoo.  Excuse my repetition, but bullshit.  Bullock just proved that if you want to disappear, you can damn well disappear.  She kept a baby secret for months.   If she can do that, Britney can surely keep her lack of panties to herself if she tries even a little bit.

Despite breaking her silence to People magazine (wouldn’t be my choice, but whatever), Bullock really took the high road throughout the whole ordeal.  She has not bad mouthed James (even though he richly deserved it), she has not paraded around Hollywood bemoaning her fate to anyone who will listen and she’s done the right thing by her new son.  She has also admitted to being both sad and scared – real human emotions from an actress.  Will wonders never cease?

Kudos, Sandra.  You scored one for every person who has been screwed by being a grown up and coming out on top.  Your faithless ex and his tantrums to the press, stint in “rehab” for some unidentified disorder (perhaps Wandering Penis Syndrome) and empty public apologies look all the more pathetic in the face of your graceful stoicism and determination to do what’s right for both you and your child.   Once in a while Hollywood actually does produce a role model.

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