Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are gay? Did I miss something in Sherlock Holmes?

I’m confuzzled.  I’ve seen Sherlock Holmes and it appears that others are seeing a different movie, one which is replete with homosexual nuance between Holmes and Watson.  Huh?  I didn’t see a whole lot of sexual overtones (or undertones) period.  There was definitely chemistry between Holmes and his nemesis/girlfriend Irene Adler, but the movie was overall rather chaste.

The arguments I’ve seen for the sublimated homosexuality include the duo bickering like an old married couple and Holmes being jealous of Watson’s fiancee.  Those things are certainly in the movie – but why are they by necessity an indication of sexual orientation?  Many long-time friends bicker in that same needling way – they know each other so well that they can push all the right buttons to annoy each other.  The same is true for siblings and parents and children.

And yes, Holmes is jealous.  Watson is his anchor and he’s being “stolen” by someone else.  Look around you – or in the mirror.  Have you never felt or known someone who felt jealousy when a third party entered a close friendship?  I’ve certainly felt it and seen it in others – it’s a natural human emotion and, again, in no way indicative of sexual orientation.

Of course, Downey’s Holmes takes everything to an inappropriate level – that’s who he is.  He does the same with investigations, brawling and incessantly annoying the police.  And Law’s Watson is a little stuffy and prissy – who wouldn’t be in the face of such an outrageous friend?  Perhaps it’s in this broadness of character that either others are reading too much or I am reading too little.

So the question becomes this:  am I missing something or are others over-interpreting?  It’s possible that there is material in the original stories that makes this inference more likely.  I haven’t read the stories so would have no background to overlay the current movie with such supposition.

It’s times like this when I wish the director (in this case Guy Ritchie) would just call me up and tell me what he intended with his version of the characters.  Is that really asking so much from the man?  One phone call?  Come on, Mr. Ritchie, help me out, here!

I just didn’t get any gay vibe from Holmes and Watson – the examples I’ve seen that supposedly prove it’s there don’t convince me, even a little.  I don’t care if they’re gay, I just didn’t see it.  Maybe I’m hopelessly hetero-centric, maybe other people are chasing shadows.  What do you think?

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