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Nice start to the day.  Up big on the portfolio and a perfect score through the questions.  That’s Mercedes Reuhl, not Robin Williams, who won an Oscar for The Fisher King.

Yesterday’s IPOs were Farris-centric.   Anna’s Private Benjamin remake soared more than 11% and her romantic comedy, What’s Your Number?, went up 5%.  Chris Evans’ legal thriller Puncture took a beating, but I’m staying long with the stock until I see some more definitive news.

I’m still happy with my short positions.  Something called The Courier with Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been floating around for years and continues to slide down. It’s now under $7 and worth a slide down to pick up a solid $200K plus.  The Witchblade remake, with still no cast or director attached, is in the same boat, but at $4.77, the upside isn’t as large.

The new trailer for Knight and Day seems to be stirring the most interest.  Male star Tom Cruise has a lot to prove after a misstep with Valkyrie. Costar Cameron Diaz has a lot to prove after The Box flopped, showing an unsuccessful attempt to break from the Shrek and Charlies Angels franchises.  And director James Mangold is a long way from being the indie darling who won Sundance and then directed Kate and Leopold.   He did an adequate job in 3:10 to Yuma, but observers expecting a stronger followup to Walk The Line were undoubtedly disappointed.  We’re showing the trailer below.

What do you think?  Does this have summer blockbuster written on it or is Knight and Day destined to be another True Lies? Can Tom Cruise pull on this side of 50 pull off one more action flick or is he liable to limp through them like a latter-day Harrison Ford?

For those of you following the IPOs, Anne Hathaway is up in One Day with Jim Sturgess.  The plot, a direct lift seemingly without credit, is straight from Alan Alda’s Same Time Next Year. I’ll go long because of Hathaway’s track record, but I’m going to pass on Sturgess starring with Colin Firth in a period piece about Palestine set just after World War II ends.

So how is Knight and Day looking now?

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