Who Said That About… Star Trek

From our 2006 archive:

Paramount Pictures plans to release a new Star Trek film in fall 2008. J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost) is slated to direct, write and produce, which gives me some hope that this project won’t suffer the fate of 2002’s Nemesis.

JJ indeed saved the franchise and introduced actors 40 years younger than the ones who played them before.  As prequels go, the team stayed close enough to the original to satisfy fans and strayed far enough to open new character dynamics and potential plots.   I wrote at the time that Abrams would have to serve two masters in the fan base and the general public, most of whom remembered Trek as something their parents liked.  He nailed both audiences with more than $250 million in domestic box office and another $100 or so in foreign films.

But the best news for Paramount?  They get to green light a sequel.  Trek 12, whatever that might be, is slated for a summer 2012 release.

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