Heroes Doesn’t Suck!

NBC-TV hit remarkably un-crappy

When Heroes debuted on NBC in 2006 I assumed from the promos that it was a teeny bopper X-Files lite with a little bit of Lost thrown in for extra juicy ratings.  I wasn’t surprised when it became popular, since teeny bopper crap so often does.  A tagline of “Save the Cheerleader Save the World” really didn’t make the program any more attractive.  So I didn’t watch and I didn’t regret it.

But now, well, now I’ve been indoctrinated courtesy of a teeny bopper.  Sigh.  My teenager started watching the show via Netflix instant streaming through his XBox 360 and I, of course, ended up watching right along.  You know, just being the responsible adult and all…

And I like it.  Yeah, it is sort of Junior X-Files, what with conspiracies and the supernatural and all that jazz.  But it isn’t exclusively kid stuff – the characters are of all ages (okay, most of them are young and cute – but not kiddies) and the plot is quite complicated and becomes increasingly so as the seasons go on.  We’re about halfway through season 2 and the plot is very different from the humble beginnings of a few folks with a super-power or two.  There’s action, some mild romance and quite a bit of ooey, gooey, geeky science fiction with everyman superheroes.

Heroes is a fun little show and much to my surprise is worth my time.  It’s totally serial, so you have to watch from the beginning.  The first three seasons are out on DVD and all three are currently streaming free on Netflix.  Teeny bopper or real, grown-up adult – you just might like it.  The cameos from two of the original Star Trek cast members in seasons one and two are just a bit of icing on the fun and nerdy TV cake.

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