Blah Days At HSX, But A Tom Hanks Weekend

Today was a decent day. Up $40K and 2 positions. My goal of making the top 9,000 by January 30 seems a big stretch now.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks’ IPO for Larry Crowne comes to HSX this weekend

I nailed the Learn and Earn questions to pick up another $10K, including one about The Notebook which I shouldn’t have gotten, but I remember that Ryan Gosling was in the film.

I did pretty well on the Box Office Battle questions too with $8K. My big pull there was knowing that Scooby-Doo ($153 million) made more than XXX ($141 million).

Never bet against the Doo.

The weekly $50K question was mine too for saying I had no idea if I would go to a theater this weekend, and suddenly I’m $108K for the day with a little breathing room, but still low on liquidity if today’s IPO is good.

The call for Tooth Fairy to make $15 million in opening missed and was delisted at $0 as did The Tell Tale Heart starring Josh Lucas which explains why I was so short today.

Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz was yesterday’s IPO and soared 11%. I’ll keep some in reserve and sell the rest for cash.

My short positions were okay, but not spectacular. The Hubble 3D movie with Leonardo DiCaprio narrating continues sliding. Its IPO was $10 last week and it’s down to $9.22 already. The Wizard of Oz CG reboot is also sliding. A year ago it was trading at $21.75 and now it’s just over $6. I flip that one too.

Today’s IPOs are a relatively unexciting mixed bag. Fermosa Betrayed stars James Van Der Beek as an FBI agent investigating film’s latest bad guys, the Chinese. Fermosa is out next month, but I’ve heard no buzz, and I think it will be crushed in theaters and on HBO by late summer.

Kim Jeong has a StarBond issue out at $75 because he was in The Hangover and The Goods within 2 months last year. He may be a funny guy, but he’s not $75 funny.

That leaves Incident, a limited release film starring Jachie Chan with subtitles. I would ordinarily steer clear especially with a release date in two weeks, but it’s Jackie Chan and he just might bring the crowds. For a $2 IPO, it’s worth gambling a day.

Looking ahead, tomorrow is puts and calls day, but I’m really looking forward to the IPO for Larry Crowne, a comedy written, directed (and no doubt produced) by Tom Hanks and co-starring Julia Roberts. Hanks is still the actor of his generation, and he has spent the past decade learning a lot about how great commercially viable films and shows get made. I don’t think it’s a disaster, but that will be a big paycheck unless Hanks is deferring his money.

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  • suemillinocket

    January 27, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Fermosa Betrayed? Yeah, I don't think so. James Ven Der Beek might have been fine on Dawson's Creek, but I don't see him hauling in big box office at this point.

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