Groundhog Day

Over and Over and…

Main Cast: Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliot, Stephen Tobolosky

Director: Harold Ramis

Time travel and time manipulation are generally saved for sci-fi movies, but sometimes you just have to take out all the world-destruction and other massively critical plot points and substitute a more human and lighter feel. Comedy is a perfect conduct for this type of story, and this movie is a great example.

The story follows Phil Connors (Murray), a TV weatherman who is more than a little cynical and egotistical at the beginning. He gets the assignment of traveling to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to report on Phil, the famous groundhog that many rely upon to settle the fate of the seasons. Our hero (if he can be called that) is bored with the task, but then something amazing happens. He seems to be reliving the same day, February 2nd, over and over again.

It’s amusing to watch how he reacts to this, how at first he stumbles along, but as the day recycles back again and again, he grows more and more frustrated. He tries to convince his producer, Rita (MacDowell), of this fact but isn’t exactly successful at first. They had not had a perfect relationship up until now, but Phil slowly grows attracted to her as the day goes by. Can he figure out how to break out of the time loop and also win this lady’s heart?

This is a fun take on the whole time thing and a good love story to boot. A classic Murray comedy that should be seen at least once, although multiple times during the same day would give you a taste of what he went through. Hmm, that might not be a good idea. but see the movie anyway.

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