Rooting For The Monster

Main Cast: Matthew Broderick, Maria Pitillo, Jean Reno, Hank Azaria

Director: Roland Emmerich

My son is a monster movie fanatic. He LOVES old Godzilla movies – you know, the ones where everyone is dubbed. So when we saw this one in the bargain bin at the video store, we picked it up for him.

Well, the first time he watched it, my husband and I watched it with him. I feel asleep about 1/3 of the way into it. Tells you a little about the plot from a grown-up’s point of view.

Of course, being a youngun, our son has watched this pathetic video several times. And he finds it suspense-full and scary every time (in certain parts). I have a hard time not believing it’s supposed to be a comedy.

I’m totally serious here. Every time Matthew Broderick opens his mouth, I expect him to start in with the “evil Inspector Gadget” character he plays in another film. The guy is totally unbelievable that he is serious about chasing the monster…I just try really hard not to laugh.

The plot focuses around Godzilla taking over the city of Manhattan. It’s nesting in the ice rink and it’s up to our hero, Matt-y, to save the day. PULLLL-EEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE.

Not to spoil the plot if you are looking forward to this clunker, but they end up killing the monster. Du-uh. Like there could be any other ending. And I actually feel sorry for the darn thing when it’s eye blinks out and it’s dead. But NO, we have to go back to Broderick getting his lady, and the other sub-plot (the French foreign legion guy who is undercover and disappears without a trace) is finalized as well.

Don’t waste your dollars even renting this slimy reproduction. Stick with the dubbed ones!

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