Galaxy Hunter

May The Farce Be With You

Main Cast: Shelley Michelle, Stacy Keach, Tiffany Bolton, Elina Madison

Director: Mark Borchetta

Once in a while I “treat” myself to a seriously trippy movie. It could be so far out as to be in the realm of a colorful slideshow (Hero), or so tacky and/or silly I just *know* it’s going to be a dog (Anchorman). Well, Galaxy Hunter falls into the latter category.

The plot: A super agent named Ginger (Michelle) is dispatched to a far-off planet in order to track down another agent who has gone missing. Apparently this agent ran afoul of Zidian, reportedly the baddest baddie in the Universe. Quite a tall order. Anyway, our heroine quickly hires a bunch of lovely bounty hunters (huntresses?), and through a mixture of stealth, guile (showing off their assets), and main force manage to-

Well. I won’t give anything away, but I will say that Ginger has a personal stake in this whole thing. If you *really* want to know, get the movie and find out yourself. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The movie is a comedy at heart. At least, you better watch it as such if you want to extract any enjoyment. Cheap sets, horrible cliches, and bad acting are all here for your viewing pleasure. And the main baddie is so over the top it’s a wonder that there was a set left after each of his scene-chewing performances. Everyone else simply relies on their great bodies.

I suppose if you are desperate to see beautiful women this will sort-of entertain. But I humbly suggest you simply try the ‘Net. I hear that there may be pictures of women on there.

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