Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dead On Time

Main Cast: Kirstie Alley, Ellen Barkin, Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards

Director: Michael Patrick Jann

A savage poke at beauty contests everywhere, this ironically packs in any number of beautiful people to stare at, with Kirsten Dunst my personal favorite. She is also the most “normal”- or perhaps should I say, most down to earth of all the characters. You root for her.

Amber Atkins (Dunst) has spunk and courage and hangs in there, even after her mother (Barkin) is injured in a trailer-park accident. Can Amber evade what may not be simple accidents and make it all the way? It would be silly to answer, and I won’t. Go see the movie to find out.

And it is a neat trip. From the supporting characters (in every sense of the word), to the trials, and the lives of the various contestants, just about every part of America comes under wicked fire. But it’s done in a humorous way, and I very much enjoyed the small, subtle touches. Overall, a pretty good movie, sly and with a bit of a bite. But good viewing.

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