Dr. No

007 Begins

Main Cast: Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Jack Lord, Joseph Wiseman

Director: Terence Young

Arguably the best film of the franchise with the (arguably) best Bond actor, Dr. No is a rip-roaring tale of secret agents, cunning villains, and beautiful damsels set in a tropical paradise that is a treat to the senses. A flowing, well-constructed plot doesn’t hurt, but it’s the solid, professional performances of the actors that elevate this action film to the upper tiers. Sean Connery is, of course, perfect as the English secret agent, hard and thoroughly capable, but not lacking in emotions.

Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of another agent, who had been looking into the mysterious “topping” of missiles fired from Cape Canaveral in Florida. He meets with an FBI agent, Felix Leiter (Lord), as well as a lovely young woman named Honey Ryder (Andress) on the small island owned by Dr. No (Wiseman), their prime suspect.

Brisk pacing ushers Bond through pretty locations down in Jamaica as he follows up leads. He dodges numerous assassination attempts, as well as avoids the seduction of a double agent. But he handles it all in style and ends up battling the evil villain in an exciting hand-to-hand fight at the end of Dr. No, barely escaping the secret base before it blows sky high. This, along with the gadgets he receives from Q, becomes a hallmark of the series.

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