Definitely, Maybe Review: Reynolds Surprise

Can Ryan Reynolds make a romantic comedy Sue likes?

We know that Sue scores rom-coms right around root canals on her list of pleasurable things.

But be prepared for what she says when pretty Ryan Reynolds stars  with Abagail Breslin in a romantic comedy that works in some non-traditional ways.

Read why she tells you that this romantic comedy isn’t like the others.   (I thought it was because Kevin Kline was there, but sadly, no).   You can also catch the Definitely, Maybe trailer and vote in our too snarky for words Ryan Reynolds poll.

Since Sue writes about his abs, it’s only fair to ask if Reynolds has acting chops or is blessed with a string of amazing girlfriends (Alanis, Rachel Leigh Cook) and one smoking hot wife in Scarlett Johansson.   If you believe IMdb (and who doesn’t), Reynolds was up for the Xander role in TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  All I can to say that is there is no reason to add Sarah Michelle Gellar to his list.

(And don’t worry, Nicholas Brendon.  You were a damn fine Xander and can live off con appearances forever.  But look for him later this year in Michael Madsen’s The Portal).

Run.  Go read the Definitely, Maybe review before Sue changes her mind.

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