Dark City


A City To Remember

Main Cast: Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly

Director: Alex Proyas

A brooding mix of sci-fi and film noir, Dark City is pretty successful in creating a unique look and feel with some familiar elements of movies past. But it’s done with style, and the aliens are certainly not the usual “big teeth hide behind things and grab” variety.

The movie opens with a man waking up in a bathtub, apparently confused and suffering from loss of memory. He receives a call from a Dr. Schreber (Sutherland), who warns him to leave immediately. A good thing, too, as the man is being chased by strange, white-faced men in black suits and hats. The man (Sewell) eventually finds a name, John Murdoch, and the rest of the film is about his search for answers, both to who he is (he may in fact be a serial killer) and what the city is all about. Apparently there is no day, and all roads lead right back into the city…

He meets up with his wife, Emma (Connelly), whom he may or may not be in love, and a detective investigating the murders (Hurt). Of course, the chilling Strangers are always looming in the background. I don’t want to give too much away, as the film is full of surprises. Whether or not Murdoch is the killer, who he is, and what the doctor has to do with the whole business I leave it for you to discover. The tone is muted and somewhat sad, and while there are action scenes, they are not the point of the plot.

Overall, I would recommend this one. It’s a good sci-fi flick and has some great visuals and a well-developed plot. Definitely worth your time.

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