George Clooney Charms My Pants Off

Aging Men – from Clooney to Sherlock – Storm Hollywood

I know we all remember the young George Clooney – hot teen idol, starring in all the romantic comedies and lighting up Hollywood with his buff abs and beautiful young face.  What?  You don’t remember that guy?  Good – if you did I would be questioning your sanity because he didn’t exist.  Clooney was still playing a geek on The Facts of Life at 24 back in 1985.  Robert Pattinson, at the same age, is comanding big huge bucks as a heartbreaking vampire nowadays.  Pattinson and his ilk may be pretty boy eye candy now, but they won’t age well and honestly, do they really have the proven talent to command their salaries?

For many long years, youth has reigned supreme in Hollywood and anyone with a wrinkle or a fat cell was getting character roles, if that.  But times might be changing, folks.  Watch your back, Pattinson, and look at some of the stars of current popular theatrical releases:

  • • George Clooney – 48 years old
  • • Meryl Streep – 50 years old
  • • Robert Downey, Jr. – 44 years old
  • • Alec Baldwin – 51 years old

I will spend money to see middle aged men – and women – naked.

These actors are at the top of the heap, the height of their careers and the apex of the awards buzz for 2009.  I can’t properly express how happy this information makes me.  Finally – actors I can relate to in parts that don’t shy away from nudity or action or any of the good stuff that used to be reserved for those with faces and bodies unmarked by life.  Could it be that experience and talent are finally beginning to trump simple youth?  It’s a revelation, people, a revelation!  Over thirty does not mean career death or playing Wacky Grandpa!  Whoopie!

While I do think Clint Eastwood is a little long in the tooth for action roles at 79, these forty-and fifty-something folks are doing just fine.  Downey is an awesome Sherlock Holmes, gritty action and all.  For that matter, George Clooney would have been a pretty good Sherlock – though I think his real talents lie more in the charismatic roles than in the wacky ones, I trust that he can kick ass with the best of them.  Baldwin and Streep are showing that middle aged people actually have sex – and enjoy it!  Revolutionary!  Clooney’s having screen sex, too, for that matter.  Just get Downey on that boat and I’ll be a happy camper.

I don’t miss baby Clooney.  I don’t want to watch other baby actors play romantic leading roles in movie after movie.  I love that Clooney, Downey, Baldwin, Streep and their peers have grown into the most charismatic actors of their generation, for all audiences.  It shows every former nerd that life can indeed begin at thirty an get better from there.  Eat your hearts out, children – the good ones are my age!

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