Charlie’s Angels


Good Morning, Angels!

Main Cast: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, Bill Murray

Director: Joseph McGinty

Another old TV show brought to the screen. This little ditty is an action comedy, banking on the sex appeal of its three beautiful stars.

The plot? Hee! Anyway, we have three young women who, for reasons of their own, have hooked up with a mysterious millionaire in order to fight crime and solve mysteries. They accept the case of a geeky programmer whose program apparently is worth millions and may revolutionize telecommunications. Anyway, the movie isn’t about the tissue plot but of placing these three angels in situations where they can talk, fight, sneak, or otherwise show off their bodies to the best advantage.

The plot is meandering and the characters implausible, but if you enjoy watching three lovely ladies on the screen mostly at the same time, enough action to keep trucking along, and enough of a story to barely keep it together, this is for you. I admit I kind of liked Charlie’s Angels.

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