Alien Apocalypse


Main Cast: Bruce Campbell, Renee O’Connor, Remington Franklin, Neda Sokalovska

Director: Josh Becker

Plot Summary: Four astronauts land on Earth after a 40-year mission to find that alien bugs have taken over and enslaved the remaining humans.

I must admit that when I saw Bruce Campbell was the star of Alien Apocalypse I was reassured. While I didn’t expect a Hollywood blockbuster, I did expect a tight little film that swam with humorous sarcasm, witty dialogue, and perhaps a hint of cheese. I got it, and more.

Four astronauts crash-land in the desert and are quickly captured by scruffy men with beards and guns. The harsh reality of this new world is brought home when two of the group are killed relatively quickly, one by the humans and another by the aliens. These aliens, big green bugs, have taken over and hold humans as slaves and meals. They want wood, lots of it, and some humans are only too happy to act as guards in exchange for their lives. Dr. Ivan Hood (Campbell), a doctor, and Kelly (O’Connor) are thrown in with the hopeless slaves. Soon, however, the two newcomers are plotting escape. Do they? And can they find any humans willing to attempt to overthrow the aliens?

I won’t spoil things, of course. Everything rests on Campbell’s performance. A lesser actor would have less energy, but be more focused and efficient in their plans. Ivan isn’t exactly brilliant, but he does have drive and a dogged determination. Mr. Campbell plays him to perfection: driven, but a little bit goofy, and a little bit bumbling. But he does have charisma, and manages (despite himself sometimes) to gather together a rag-tag collection of outcasts.

Their assault on the aliens relies on guile and primitive weapons, and all appears to be lost. But. well, in this type of movie, I don’t think you’d expect our hero to lose in the end, do you?

I enjoyed Alien Apocalypse. It was a bit cheesy, the supporting cast wasn’t exactly top caliber, and the locations minimum, but it has a goofy charm I can’t deny. Of course I am a Bruce Campbell fan, as well as O’Connor (Gabby from Xena), so that factors into this. But still, I think you’ll enjoy this movie for its quirky charms.

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