Aeon Flux


Cast: Charlize Theron, Jonny Lee Miller, Marton Csokas, Sophie Okonedo

Director: Karyn Kusama

Plot Summary: In the future 99% of the world population is killed by a super epidemic. The survivors all live in one big city, under the leadership of a dynasty family. People are starting to have strange dreams, however, and a rebel group wishes to kill the leader to stop the oppressive police state. Aeon Flux is the assassin tasked to do the job.

Hewing to the sci-fi standard of a future ravaged by war/destruction, Aeon Flux does manage to avoid the usual broken cities, ragged and dirty people, and sheen of grubby smoke hanging over everything. Rather it shows off a very beautiful city and its citizens, living in obvious splendor and technologically advanced.

But of course something is going on or there wouldn’t be a plot. and that’s where our assassin, Aeon Flux, comes in. Resplendent in a tight jumpsuit, the beautiful young woman is both sleek and deadly. As the premier killer of the rebellion her orders are to take out the leader of the city, who seems to be behind a series of disappearances among the ordinary people, as well as the general feel of a police state with heavily-armed goons, curfews, and other rigid rules.

Flux may have reasons of her own to investigate the mystery, as she is plagued by dreams she can’t understand. When someone close to her is killed she is hell-bent in completing her mission. Or is she? When she does meet up with the Leader it isn’t so cut and dried.

Aeon Flux is a joy to view. Drenched in color and modern design the city is pretty cool, and of course the special effects are very good. There are enough gun and hand-to-hand battles to cheer the action fan, and enough of a plot (albeit well-worn in the sci-fi world) to stimulate the mind. I can’t think of a place where the plot bogged down, although it doesn’t move quickly. It pauses to develop a background for the world.

Overall I’d say Aeon Flux is a pretty good entry. It’s not completely original, nor does it try to do anything unique. It’s solid, with good performances and a few neat little unique touches. As long as you don’t expect the world I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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