Star Trek finds its Kirk and McCoy

The J.J. Abrams entry in the Star Trek canon now has its captain and chief medical officer. Chris Pine (Smokin’ Aces, Just My Luck) will play Captain Kirk, and Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Bourne Supremacy) will be Bones McCoy. With these new additions, the cast of original characters is now complete:

Pine – Kirk
Zachary Quinto – Spock
Simon Pegg – Scotty
Uban – McCoy
John Cho – Sulu
Zoe Saldana – Uhura
Anton Yelchin – Chekhov

Abrams is keeping the plot of this “prequel” a secret, but given that Leonard Nimoy is slotted to play an older version of Spock — and given that this is Star Trek — some time-traveling is probably involved.

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