Owen Wilson Hospitalized Amid Suicide Rumors

Owen Wilson, who came to Hollywood as a writer and emerged as an actor, is hospitalized tonight in California. Tabloids are reporting that the 38 year old star attempted suicide, but the only statement from any official source is from Wilson through a spokesperson, asking for privacy.

The Texan was nominated for an Academy Award after co-authoring The Royal Tennenbaums, his third major film writing credit. Having already appeared in hits Meet The Parents and Armageddon, Wilson’s career shifted into overdrive. He starred in movie cast from decades old television (I Spy and Starsky and Hutch), reprised his Kevin role for the star-studded Meet The Fockers sequel and voiced Cars before huge popular success in The Wedding Crashers and Night At The Museum.

Wilson frequently appears opposite Ben Stiller and co-writes with Wes Anderson.

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