Germany: Military sites are off-limits to Cruise’s "Valkyrie"

The third time has not been the charm for Tom Cruise — at least, not as far as Germany is concerned. Thanks to his membership in the Church of Scientology, the country’s military sites have been declared off-limits to the production of Valkyrie, which will star Cruise as a World War II resistance hero.

Cruise previously tangled with the authorities in 1996, when politicians urged citizens to boycott his films, and in 2004, when he was denied permission to film scenes for Mission: Impossible III in Berlin’s Reichstag. Valkyrie, to be directed by Bryan Singer, is scheduled to start shooting next month; according to United Artists, the studio headed by Cruise’s production partner Paula Wagner, Germany is still the location of choice.

Update: another German official later backtracked, saying that no decision had yet been made in regards to military sites. Maybe someone other than Cruise should officially make the request …

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