Eddie Murphy Acknowledges Paternity

After non-committal answers, evasions and one definitive DNA test, Eddie Murphy has acknowledged that he is the father of Angel Iris Murphy Brown. The three month old was born earlier this year to Melanie Brown, who used to be known in pop music circles as Scary Spice of The Spice Girls.

Murphy, a legendary Lothario, is engaged to Babyface’s ex now, but has made a big media splash in “honoring his commitment as a father”. One hopes Murphy will do better than the legacy he has given his daughter to read years from now. Reading that Mommy had to force Daddy into a paternity test and still had to file a court action can’t be good for any young person’s self-esteem.

After years of popular comedies, Murphy had strung together a series of ground breaking movies including the Shrek series and an Oscar nom for Dreamgirls. With Shrek 4 and Beverly Hills Cop 4 looming on the horizon, the star won’t be hurting for child support.

Punching The Remote. Viewers will be hard pressed to find original fare this summer Sunday. The major networks are all in reruns with the exception of CBS’ Big Brother at 8, which goes up against yet another Dateline NBC murder expose.

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