Cedric Learning His ABCs

ABC is adding a king to its fall lineup.

One of The Kings of Comedy, Cedric the Entertainer, is returning to television after making a series of questionable movie choices. The big man loves old television. One need only look at his 2005 big screen remake of The Honeymooners to know that. Despite that and other flops, Cedric is working on another remake. Due next year is a remake of Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School. The original, in that laugh-a-minute fish out of water style as his Caddyshack, would be hard for anyone to follow.

But after watching Cedric Kyles do standup we can’t deny that he has talent and originality, which makes his continuing remakes a source of puzzlement.

Cedric’s new show will put him in yet another bumbling role. Like Saturday Night Live on any given weekend, the show will be brilliant or awful — maybe both. Is the small screen and its language and subject restrictions big enough to hold Cedric? Check out the alphabet network this fall to see a train wreck or an Emmy winner. Cedric does nothing halfway.

Punching The Remote: All of the majors are showing repeats tonight except CBS, which continues to lean on Big Brother 8 and Fox, which is bringing us exhibition football in August. Fox’s main game features Dallas’ favorite Cowboys taking on Peyton Manning’s Colts in Indianapolis.

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