Actress Jane Wyman dead at 93

Film and TV actress Jane Wyman died yesterday morning at her home in Palm Springs. Best known for TV’s Falcon Crest (and for being Ronald Reagan’s first wife), Wyman got her start on the big screen in 1936, when she signed with Warner Bros. (The studio was where she met Reagan, a fellow contract player).

She made dozens of films for Warner Bros., mostly in typecast roles as a brassy, wisecracker, but got away from the B-movies when she starred in Paramount’s Lost Weekend, which won an Academy Award. Wyman’s first Oscar nomination came with her next non-Warners picture, MGM’s The Yearling. Wyman was nominated three more times for an Oscar, winning in 1949 for Johnny Belinda. She also received two Emmy nominations for Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre and several Golden Globe nominations, winning three times, for Johnny Belinda, The Blue Veil, and Falcon Crest. Wyman was 93 when she died.

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