The West Wing: Transition

Transition is another excellent Season 7 episode, with a nearly-perfect blend of political and the personal:

— Santos is briefed on the situation in Kazakhstan, and expresses his unease and dismay with the Bartlet administration’s strategy.
— An overworked, Blackberry-addicted Josh tries to convince Sam Seaborn to return to the White House. Meanwhile, Donna gets an offer of her own from Helen Santos.
— Donna and Josh try to figure out if a relationship between them can work.

Even with the season and the show winding down, these characters are still full of surprises (exhibit A: the “good cop, bad cop” approach to foreign policy) as well as some good one-liners, particularly in the scenes between Josh and Sam. And I admit it: as a Josh/Donna shipper, I cheered at their last scene together. While it’s hard to believe Josh could have a life outside the White House, it’s nice that he’s trying to get one.

I’ve said it elsewhere, but I’ll say it here too: it’s a shame that we won’t get to see the Santos administration in action. Especially since, if next week’s preview isn’t misleading, Santos will make a very interesting (if improbable) choice for his VP.

You can rent Transition on Amazon.

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