The secret life of cats

I could live happily without many reality show concepts (like the flash in the pan that was Celebrity Cooking Showdown), but Animal Planet’s new show, The Meow Mix House, is just too cute. Think “Real World” meets “The Apprentice”, but with cats instead of people, and with “best purr” and “best toy mouse-catcher” challenges instead of The Donald’s dares. Unlike on either of those shows, though, the cats are assured of being better off than before the show. All of the ten competitors come from animal shelters, and will go from the Meow Mix House to permanent homes. The cat who stays longer than any of the others will also get a cool title (Feline Vice President of Research and Development).

Oh, and those who don’t speak Feline don’t have to worry. According to the site, “since not everyone can understand what cats are saying, voice-overs will be used to help translate the meows into English.”

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