News roundup

Some quick notes on recent TV happenings:

Katie Couric kicks off her CBS anchoring gig tonight. Be on the alert for many, many media reports of how she sounded, what she wore, etc. Unless Couric trips over her chair or airs a story that is immediately disproved by bloggers, she should do OK.

Speaking of on-air gaffes, Kyra Phillips made “news” recently when she accidentally left her mike on while making a visit to the ladies’ room, and consequently had her conversation broadcast during a speech by President Bush. To her credit, Phillips poked fun at herself with an appearance on David Letterman, where she read a “Top 10 List of Excuses” for the blooper.

And on a sad note, TV personality Steve Irwin died yesterday at 44. Irwin, who became famous through his Crocodile Hunter TV show, during which he got up close and personal with creatures less than friendly to humans, was swimming near the Great Barrier Reef when he was attacked by a stingray. What makes it doubly sad was that he was filming for his 8-year-old daughter’s TV show at the time. Condolences to his family.

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