Letterman reups; Leno sues

CBS and David Letterman have finally made it official. The network announced today that the late-night host has signed a deal to stay with The Late Show through 2010, if not longer. That means he’ll be on the air at least one year later than fellow talk-show host and rival Jay Leno — and also ensures there’ll be at least one year where he tops Leno in the ratings.

Speaking of Leno, the other day the Tonight Show host was among those suing Judy Brown and her publishers for copyright violations. Brown, a humor editor, has produced 19 books, which according to the lawsuit consist mainly of stand-up routines by Leno, Rita Rudner, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld and others that were used without permission. If the allegation is true, then Brown will be in quite a bit of legal trouble — and she’ll need a new line of work.

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