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via QuantCast direct measure – June 2015

  • 258,000 net sessions
  • 307,000 net page views
  • Index of 173 for ages 18-24
  • Index of 151 for ages 25-34
  • Affinity index 4.8x – Arts and Entertainment
  • Affinity index 3.8x – Leisure and Hobbies
  • Affinity index 3.5x – Beauty and Fitness
  • Affinity index 3.4x – Food and Drink
  • Affinity index 3.2x – Computers and Technology

12 month traffic per StatCounter: 2.35 million monthly unique visits.
12 month traffic per Google Analytics: 2.32 million monthly unique visits


Sponsored Post – $100 with no-follow links
Ad in Single Issue of Weekly Newsletter (4000+ subscribers) – $75

Monthly Prices

Responsive Sidebar unit up to 250 pixels wide and 600 pixels high on desktop: $350
Responsive half leaderboard at navigation up to 468×60:  $400
Responsive half leaderboard above footer up to 468×60: $300

Things to Know

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  2. Advertisers must have a privacy policy within one click of landing pages.
  3. All advertisements must open on a new window.
  4. No alternative tags or titles may exceed 40 characters in length.
  5. Advertisers must comply with all versions of COPPA.

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