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Playing Hollywood Stock Exchange is a movie geek delight.  Those playing know what I mean.  Those not playing are in danger of not being considered true movie geeks. It’s someone else’s money, you’re patched in to films in development and playing only takes a few minutes every day.  Playing takes slightly longer for me because I post about it here at Movie Rewind, but you should be in and out in only a few minutes each morning.

I missed on the trivia questions this morning.  The biggest one I should have known was Billy Bob Thornton’s occupation in Monster’s Ball.  I had no idea it was prison guard.  I’ve caught bits of the movie, but it never held my interest.  People seem to love or hate the film.  I’ve been indifferent.

The Box Office Battle questions where the player picks which of two movies had higher grosses got me again too.  Who knew that Marley and Me outgrossed The Devil Wears Prada?  Better question:  I didn’t realize Marley opened on Christmas Day.  That’s brutal   The movie isn’t quite Old Yeller for our generation, but try getting through the end without a sniffle.  Damn you, Grogan.

My short positions (projects I bet against) were fine.  I had shorted Fish Tank with Michael Fassbender a while ago, finally got into profitable territory and got out of that stock.  The silly Max’s Mardi Gras, which started life as Maxim’s Mardi Gras, continues dropping.  The movie is now filled with a bunch 0f B-listers with the biggest name being Carmen Electra.   I’ve rode this puppy into oblivion and at $2.79, it’s certainly worth clearing my short position, collecting the cash and shorting the stock again.

Box Office Mojo says The Book of Eli rang up $38K at the weekend box office so I’m pleased to see my call was at $30 million.  And I really want to Denzel in an action flick again.  Harrison Ford played them too long.  I’m hopeful Denzel will pull out (dapper and handsome as he is) and not make too many more.

So my short list for must-see soon remains Up in The Air, The Book of Eli and Sherlock Holmes which Sue totally dug.  I don’t mind seeing a huge Sandy Bullock on screen, but I think I’ll hold off on The Blind Side for now, but Lord, a $226 million gross and still going strong.  Before this year, Sandra Bullock had been in only three movies that grossed $100 million, and 1994’s Speed was the biggest at $121 million.Wonder why everyone looks young when Speed is showing on TBS?   Probably has something to do with Keanu and Bullock being 16 years younger.

The last transaction was cashing out The Good Wife at $11.33.  Later this television season, Wife would’ve cashed out at $12, but I’ll take the money now and put it into something big.

Today’s IPOs are The Exploding Girl with Zoe Kazan as a college student who is in love while she’s in college.  Thanks, I lived that my freshman year, well before Speed came out. There’s no buzz, the movie launches in less than 60 days and the IPO is $2 so I short it.

I’m half tempted to short Hanna, which has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus and is a way to get Saoirse Ronan back on screen while The Lovely Bones is fresh on everyone’s mind.  That Oscar nomination for Atonement has given Ronan three movies in pre-production.  The Lovely Bones opened wide this weekend and did well, but I don’t know how much of that is the buzz around a Peter Jackson movie, how much is the cast, and how much is Jackson “re-imaginging” Alice Sebold’s book. I’m not going up against a young actress with Oscar cred and popularity so I’m all in on that IPO.

All in all, not a bad day.   I’m in position 9,147.   I would love to crack through 9,000 by the end of the month.  Think I’ll make it?

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    January 21, 2010 at 2:56 am

    If I had any real idea what you were talking about I'd say, "Yeah, you'll make it!". Unfortunately I am a big enough geek to know absolutely nothing about stock exchanges of any kind. I knew the trivia […] Read MoreIf I had any real idea what you were talking about I'd say, "Yeah, you'll make it!". Unfortunately I am a big enough geek to know absolutely nothing about stock exchanges of any kind. I knew the trivia questions, though! Does that make me more nerd than geek? Read Less

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