Channing Tatum Day at HSX

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana, 1985

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana at The White House in 1985, when he looked like we want our federal agents to look like.

No pickup on Son of No One from yesterday is a little curious. HSX may be delaying market price shifts. I’m sure HSX Dude or someone will be along to clarify soon. I only know that I love this cast and the plot they’re in. It’s not quite Ocean’s Fourteen, but it’s darn close.

And Channing Tatum is becoming Mr. Social Media Actor too. That alone will help generate buzz.

My short positions continue doing well. Will Ferrell being attached isn’t saving 2-Face. The Electric Slide, which finally has a cool co-star in Ewan McGregor, has been sitting in my short positions for nearly a year and finally seems ready to fall to nothing. Hype Nation, a dance film, has been on the books a year longer, but is also close to gone. I have serious love for Omarion’s music, but this film isn’t going to help the BTK singer.

I didn’t like the early buzz on Paul Bettany in Legion (which has a hell of a scary age-restricted trailer) so I’ve dumped that and picked up some spare cash too. I had meant to do the same with Mel Gibson’s Edge of Darkness, but the veteran star might still pull out a hit.

Watch out for Dear John. Yes, Channing Tatum again. And Amanda Seyfried. And a Nicholas Sparks story. Dear John is opening wide — in fact, it may be the widest open next week — and if critics don’t savage the sentimental plot, Tatum and Seyfried are going to rock through the late winter. She is already the breakout star from Big Love’s massive cast. Dear John could cement Amanda Seyfried as one of Hollywood’s best, brightest young lights.  And if Tatum’s performance is as strong as it looks, Anne Hathaway might get to read some different names at the 2011 Oscar announcements.  (Yes, I know she doesn’t for several days, but I already love her in that role)

From Paris with Love may actually open wider than Dear John (it will be close), but I’m not sure American audiences are going to let John Travolta play a federal agent yet. He’s versatile enough to play the role, but the public may not suspend disbelief long enough to let him.

Other films I dumped this week include the abandoned skiier flick Frozen and Jackie Chan’s Incident that we wrote about earlier this week and picked up a nice little 6.5% bump in the week before opening.

And today’s IPO was the one I wanted all week. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts can’t co-channingstar in a sleeper film, but Hanks has learned a lot about producing a film in the last decade. If he can direct himself well (yes, Denzel, I mean like you haven’t done yet), then Larry Crowne is a hit.

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