Jackie Chan Soars 10%, Maximum Ride Coming – HSX

Jackie Chan in 2002

Jackie Chan looking for a big Incident this February

A so-so day saw me slipping and sliding around like an old rear-wheel car trying to gain traction in snow.

My portfolio was down a little, and even the games weren’t enough to bring it even.

My call on Jackie Chan in Incident was correct, and the IPO is up more than 10% since launching this week.  The movie is in my portfolio for now, but will have to watched closely since it opens in a week.

My shorts look good. Will Ferrell’s 2-Face continues sliding and is down to $14.19. Unless someone signs a bunch of deals and gets this fast-tracked, I should be able to ride 2-Face down to delisting. I hate the premise of a guy with multiple personality disorder so that one part of him is a bigot and the other isn’t. Mental health isn’t funny.

The Host, a remake of a South Korean monster flick, took another hit today and is down 50% this year. No one is signed although Universal holds the option. A definite flip and keep.

Valentine’s Day, the movie coming out February 12 with an amazing cast, jumped high 5% yesterday. This film has great buzz. It’s down a little from it’s peak, but a year ago, it was trading at 17 a year ago and keeps crossing 100.

I’m also not surprised to see Maximum Ride, the James Patterson rip-off of Dean Koontz doing well today. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has the film on her to-do list and has already worked “special kids”. Patterson writes script treatments that he calls novels anyway so this is ready-made for a multiplex.

Perrier’s Bounty starring Brendan Gleeson seems to be the pick of today’s IPOs. A close-to-Memorial-Day launch and $2 IPO make the film look like a no-brainer to buy and hold.

Photo: Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Lee M. McCaskill (USN)

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