Double Davids Duel For Idol

As expected, David Cook and David Archuleta, the Bartender and the Boy, will compete in the finals of this year’s American Idol. The showdown was predicted for weeks despite the lack of a male Idol winner generating any sales heat, including Taylor Hicks, who won two years ago and has since lost his recording contract.

Male Idol artists do well: Daughtry and Elliot Yamin both had big hits recently, and Clay Aiken has done well in an older demographic. Drawing comparisons between David Archuleta and Clay Aiken and David Cook and Chris Daughtry may be too easy, but amid whispers of the show’s attempts to influence the vote, they may finally have a male Idol winner who can approach Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood’s success.

Both Davids and the beautiful Ms. Mercado turned in at least one strong performance each in this semi-final round. Cook’s gritty take on (The First Time) Ever I Saw Your Face was another example of the alt-pop guy reaching back in time to update a standard. Meanwhile, David Archuleta tried his Chris Brown vocal and dance moves, leaving Honest Judge Simon Cowell to opine that the teenage wanna-be sounded like a a Chihuahua singing the teenage already-is’ hit.

After some questionable issues (why didn’t Carly Smithson last longer, and how did Brooke White last long enough singing 30 year old songs and forgetting the words twice?), this edition of Idol seems to have lost none of its momentum.

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