On the Lot: Top 18 results

This was a bit of a surprise, at least for me (though after Sanjaya’s American Idol stint, it really shouldn’t have been.) After the voting, the three weakest directors (Kenny’s, Hilary’s and Jess’s) somehow managed to stay out of the bottom three, and three decent directors (Claudia’s, Carolina’s and Phil’s) were given the boot. Meanwhile, Jason’s offensive film with a “geek” who more closely resembled a mentally retarded person landed in the top three. At least Will’s and Zach’s shorts were also in the top three.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the top 15 need to do for their next challenge, though I’m not looking forward to the subsequent results show. Seating the contestants in rows is fine, but arranging things so that there was one top three and one bottom three director in each row actually took out a lot of the suspense. And host Adrianna Costa did not help matters with her clumsy delivery and grating voice. Maybe next week I’ll just hit the “mute” button whenever she starts talking.

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