Downey Joining Soloist, Illustrated Man Returns, and Other Developments

— Robert Downey Jr. has agreed to star in The Soloist opposite Jamie Foxx. The fact-based drama will feature Downey as Steve Lopez, a newspaper columnist who discovers Foxx’s character, a onetime violin prodigy who’s now a homeless schizophrenic. The screenplay by Susannah Grant is based on the columns by Lopez, whose book will be published next spring.

— Ben Affleck is in talks to join the cast of He’s Just Not That Into You. Among those already on board for the ensemble comedy: Drew Barrymore (also producing), Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, and Scarlett Johansson.

— Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man is getting the film treatment again. The short-story collection first came to the big screen in 1969 (with Rod Steiger starring); Warner Bros.’s new version will be directed and produced by Zack Snyder (who’s currently working on Watchmen for the studio).

— Jim Belushi will direct, co-produce and star in The Catch for Lionsgate. The main character is based on Marty Reichman, who returned to college when he was 42 and made the football team. Shooting will begin after Belushi wraps production on the seventh season of According to Jim.

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